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The most substantial change in the new CBA centers on heightened penalties for violations of the competitive balance tax, better known as the luxury tax. The luxury tax, which has been in place since 2003, serves as Baseball’s version of a salary cap but is not an actual cap—it merely assigns a financial penalty on teams that exceed a payroll threshold, with higher penalties levied on repeat offenders. The basic idea is that it discourages, but doesn’t prohibit, teams from substantially outspending other teams' Cheap Jerseys.

As soon as he was permitted to negotiate, Raines signed a three-year, $5 million deal with the Expos. Without benefit of spring training or a minor league stint, he stepped into the lineup on May 2, turning a Saturday afternoon NBC Game of the Week against the Mets at Shea Stadium into the greatest comeback special since Elvis Presley's. He hit a first-inning triple off David Cone and a 10th-inning–game-winning grand slam off Jesse Orosco, good for a 5-3-4-4 boxscore line.

They were also dealing from a surplus of arms -- Carlos Martinez, Alex Reyes, Adam Wainwright, Mike Leake and Lance Lynn -- figured for their rotation in 2017.

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Tom Tango—who invented the weighted-average Marcel projection system (“the most basic forecasting system you can have, that uses as little intelligence as possible”) that I use here—has suggested a better model with regards to weighting, WAR and decline, using a 6/3/1 weighting for a player’s past three seasons, a 20% regression in the first year (0.8 times that weighted WAR) and an age-related falloff based on a 0.4 WAR per year, adding 0.1 WAR for each year under 30 (so 0.3 for a 29-year-old) and subtracting 0.1 WAR for each year over 30. Using that gives a vastly different picture and Wholesale Jerseys.

Alas, as a non-voting minority owner, Selig couldn't stop the franchise's transfer to Atlanta for the 1966 season, though he founded an organization called Teams Inc. that unsuccessfully sued to keep them in town. He divested his stock when the Braves moved, renamed his group "Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club Inc." and battled tenaciously to bring major league baseball back to town. He fell short when applying for one of the two National League expansion franchises to be awarded for the 1969 season, then had an agreement to buy the White Sox—whom he had brought to Milwaukee County Stadium for 20 games in 1968–69 and intended to relocate there —vetoed by the league.

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He made his major league debut on Sept. 8, 1998, otherwise known as the night Cardinals teammate Mark McGwire hit his 62nd home run of the season, off the Cubs' Steve Trachsel. Never the superstar many expected, Drew was an on-base machine (.384 career, one of 75 players to get on base at that rate over at least 1,500 games), but he never hit lefties well (34 points below his average against righties) and made only one All-Star team with Miami Dolphins Jerseys.

While the new CBA will reportedly introduce a hard cap on international spending, it’s unclear exactly what the details are with regards to penalties, though it’s likely that MLB will be far more stringent with the cap than it was with bonus pool rules. As such, it’s a heavy blow to those young players in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela and elsewhere who will see their earning power arbitrarily and severely limited thanks to the machinations of the owners and a union they don’t belong to (and most of whom never will), and it's disheartening (although not surprising) that the MLBPA chose to sacrifice the financial future of teenagers from impoverished countries in exchange for some moderate concessions on the part of MLB owners.

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MLB had hoped to convince the union to accept an international draft and wholesale NBA jerseys, in which teams would be able to choose players from outside the U.S., its territories and Canada, rather than compete for them as free agents. The idea was problematic for several reasons, including legal ones. Owners eventually dropped the international draft as a negotiation demand.

Despite Cespedes opting out and rejecting the team's $17.2 million qualifying offer, the Mets went into this off-season with far more optimism regarding his return. They managed to retain him despite a belief that somebody from among the Nationals (who pursued him last winter), Yankees, Giants and Dodgers—all of whom expressed interest—would offer a fifth year, likely pushing the total value above $130 million.

A simpler plan would be to sign Carlos Beltran, who is coming off a strong age-39 season in which he posted a 122 OPS+ with the Yankees and Rangers and presumably prefers to play for a contender with wholesale MLB jerseys. Other alternatives include Mike Napoli, who was on Boston's 2013 world championship team and hit 34 homers for the Indians this past year; the versatile (and likely inexpensive) Steve Pearce, who hit .288/.374/.492 for the Rays and Orioles; and, if Boston is willing to give up a first-round pick, Jose Bautista, who is coming off a relatively subpar season and will be less expensive than Encarnacion but carries greater risk given his age (36) and injury history.

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